Rya Nickole


My E-Mail: rylashesindyllc@yahoo.com

Hey everyone! Nice to meet ya :)
My name is Rya Nickole, 24, a small business owner and I reside on the southside of Indianapolis!
I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist since mid 2016 and I have been a certified lash artist since July 2018! I worked for myself out of my home for the first year and a half and then I went to a spa for a few months. I’m excited to announce I’m opening my very own studio here on the southside and I couldn’t be anymore excited! It’s definitely been a long journey of ups and downs but it has been worth it every second! I can’t wait to share my new knowledge, products and skills with my new and old clients.

I’ve always loved everything about the beauty industry and expanding my knowledge. Making someone feel their absolute best and beautiful is such a rewarding feeling. Speaking from experience with eyelash extensions.. it’s so nice to wake up everyday and not have to rush to put makeup on. When you have extensions it makes you not even want to wear makeup because they can make such a big difference in your appearance. As long as you’re taking care of them~ they really do last ~ and don’t worry they take some getting used to but I’ll teach you the ways! I’m completely obsessed with having them and I doubt I will ever go without again! Even when my volumes are in need of a fill they still look so good. When doing lashes I like to take my time and really focus on the customized look I’m doing~ plus I like to get EVERY lash. No 2 sets look the same! We all have different eye shapes, lash lengths/thichness/fullness etc.. so it’s really amazing that I can create something different with every set! Some people have 120 lashes on each eye, and some have 60 on each! That’s why the different styles (classics, hybrids & volumes) are so nice! Don’t worry they don’t always have to be big and bold, you can always start off with a natural look and work your way up to something more noticeable/dramatic. Get a classic set and come back for a volume fill, anything is possible! A lot of people think extensions hurt your natural lashes... but as long as your lash tech knows what they’re doing.. extensions are supposed to help your natural lashes.. not hurt them! I’ve repaired many eyelashes in the last almost 2 years and let me tell you watching growth happen and seeing how you can make someones lashes long and healthy again is SO cool. Hahah. Overall I think extensions are amazing and a definite game changer. Mascara is SO bad for your lashes! Plus it lingers up to 48 hours! Oh, and stop ripping off the strip lashes!! If your glue isn’t waterproof~ take a wet q-tip and run it across the lash line of the strip and it comes right off! No more pulling lashes out! Just make sure you dry/brush out your falsies when done :)
To anyone who has ever supported me.. getting a service done, telling someone my name, handing out a business card, a like, a share, a comment, a repost, a shoutout.. ANYTHING. Just know I thank you from the bottom of my heart.. this wouldn’t be possible without you. When you support a small business you're supporting a dream!

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